Monday, July 31, 2006

Still Limber After All These Years

Ever try to do this?

It's not so easy to lay on the floor with your legs in the air and click your heels together!
LOL. Just couldn't resist posting that one.

And with that, I bid you all farewell.

I shall be gone until probably Thursday.

Work hard, play hard, and post like crazy about it all. ;)


  1. Zoey it's kinda early in the morning to be hittin' the bottle.(smile)

  2. As Dorothy said when she clicked her heels together in the Wizard of Oz, "There's No Place Like Home"
    (but it's nice to get away for a bit)
    :-) have fun!!!

  3. Soooo are you in Kansas yet??? lol You know darn well now I want to go put on my shoes and try that too!!!! Have a good trip!!

  4. Everyone needs a little craziness now and then. Hope you have fun while you're not blogging.

  5. That's awesome. Have a good trip!!!

  6. Have a good time while you're gone. And I'd be lying on the floor if I wore those heels too...because I had fallen!!!

  7. You're a riot! Love the way your mind works Zoey :)
    Hope you have lots of fun and a nice rest from blogging.
    I'm wondering if you're sharing our heatwave up there. It does seem petty to complain about 95ΒΊ when CA had 112ΒΊ, but for us NYers it's too darn hot! The only thing to do is sit in front of a fan and visit blog friends!


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