Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Have you been Croc'ed?

If so please tell me about it.

No, I'm not asking for your stories of inebriation.

I want to hear about Croc shoes.

Does anyone have them?

Do you use them for gardening?

Give me all the pros and cons about these incredibly popular UGLY shoes.

I am thinking I might like to get a pair of the Islander variety.

Their advertising gives these
10 reasons you gotta have 'em

1. Nothing's softer or more comfortable
2. Hardy there (less than 6 ounces)
3. Air ventilation ports keep your feet cool and comfy
4. Non-marking soles
5. Resistant to bacteria and odor to keep your friends happy
6. Ultra-hip, Italian styling with molded foot support
7. Slip resistant
8. Can be sterilized in water and bleach
9. Easy to maintain
10. Water and sand pass easily through vents (so go ahead, cross that river)

So if anybody has them, please give me the real scoop.


  1. I've heard of Duck Shoes but not the ones shown here...well at least the colours are nice and bright! lol I don't know if I could stand something like that on my feet...I'm a thong sandals and running shoes kind of gal!! lol

  2. My aunt and uncle swear by them. My mom got one of the knock off brands and rubbed a blister in surf and sand, but other than that like them. I've never tried them though.

  3. I read a discussion about these I think it was on the garden web(not sure)anyway a lot of people were raving about them. I have a pair of lady bug clogs that I love,the only thing is when they are wet they make a funny sound when you walk. Pat

  4. Hi Zoey,
    Although I don't have crocs, one of my regular reads just had a post on them.
    Read the comments, because she gives her opinion on several aspects of them.
    Very cute shoes!

  5. I'm a sandals kinda gardener too. When I come in, I head straight for the bathtub to rinse my feet off. I'd be interested to see how much the crocs cost.

  6. I just went to eBay and there are a ton of Crocs there! I just bid on some sandals for $14!

  7. Sue, I checked out that site. Very cute blue ones!

    If any of you watch Malto Mario on FoodTV, he wears bright orange ones every day.

  8. You see alot of people wearing them. I like the fact you can wash them easily. I would wear them in the garden but I am more of a flip flop kind of girl.

  9. I tried some "cheapy's" on and didn't like how they the sleeker version you show might be better...I dunno!!

  10. I am not anonymous that is from Sandy in Maine! The boxes are not showing up.

  11. you have a case of disappearing mail here. My first comment showed up as anonymous, then took off. I said people wear them here everywhere. I use the kind without holes, can't stand dirt between my toes.

  12. Sandy, sometimes Blogger does strange things.

    I did not see any without holes at my store (they had very limited sizes and only one style).

    I think I read that they made them without holes for winter. Do you wear yours during the winter, too?

  13. I know friends who use them as camp shoes or water crossing shoes when we backpack. they also use "waldies" which are similar.


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