Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Wreath with Leopard Bunting

 It's been forever since I designed  a spring wreath.  Early this morning I was suddenly struck with the desire to do so. The only idea floating around my head was to make a burlap  bunting with the word "spring".

So I went in search of my burlap fabric. About a month ago I cleaned my sewing room, hauling the majority of  my fabric to the basement. Now I can't find any of the fabric I know I have.  It's so frustrating!  In this case, though, it turned out to be a positive thing. While searching I spotted some pink birdhouses with a leopard-fabric roof and decided to go with a leopard fabric bunting instead.

There's a little bird down at the bottom.

I love how the wreath turned out. I did not spend a penny to buy anything new. Gotta love that!
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