Sunday, July 16, 2006

3 Views of the Same Area

It all depends on where you point the camera.
This is all the same area (it's the spot where I cut down the mallow yesterday).
The pics were all taken on Friday.

Drumstick Allium is in full color

Standing on the steps to the deck

Looking Through the Chair Planter

I think it's fun to see how many different views you can take of the same spot without moving more than 3-4 feet in any direction.

Just try it and see how much fun it is! (Of course, post it for all of us to admire)

Speaking of chair planters, yesterday at the craft fair I saw one that looked almost like mine (this one) for $35. That's no plant. Just the chair with a hole in it and it was painted the same green color as mine (I used less than a can of $1.99 paint).
I didn't see any buyers.
But, the thought did occur to me that if the chair was nicely planted, I bet people would pay $50 & up (depending on how creatively it was planted and how lush it was).


  1. Zoey you are really getting good with that camera I love looking at your blog you always have so much to see. Yes spiderwort is pretty when it is all bloomed out but when the blooms are closed up its not much to look at the bee balm will be much better.
    You have a beautiful garden.

  2. It's amazing how different views of one spot can be!! You'd think it's all different areas! Beautiful!!

  3. This garden is more beautiful every day you really are talented

  4. Very beautiful! Yes, i like the bee balm better than the spiderwort too...

    Re chair planters -- my neighbor painted some (beautifully, with floral designs) and we (the historic district group) tried to sell them as a fundraiser, but even with flowers in them, people weren't buying...

  5. Zoey! What would you trade for some of that pink mallow??!!

  6. That is a great idea! I kinda did that with the zinna garden. I needed one more shot to tie with your three. : )

  7. Thanks Pat and Pea.

    Brit, nice to see you! I've been checking out your blog often, but haven't left any messages lately. Those boys are getting cuter every day!

    Kate, I am sorry to hear the chairs didn't do well for you. I guess I won't be retiring to go into the chair planting business.

    Sissy, there must be pink mallow someplace near you. Anyone who has it would be happy to give you some. It reseeds everywhere. I dug out at least 12 plants yesterday morning that I would have been happy to give you if you lived here.

    Dianne, I thought your zinnia garden was doing especially well this year. Is your butterfly bush blooming yet? I remember last year it bloomed much earlier than mine.


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