Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Orange is Gone

I am always amazed at how this border changes each month. All the bright orange Asiatic lilies and daylilies are now gone and it's returning to mostly purple and as soon as all the black-eyed Susans bloom, there will be a lot of gold.
I realized today that most of my flowers have finished blooming already. I only have Sedum Autumn Joy and asters left.

Another season is almost over!


  1. "Another season is almost over!"

    If you keep saying things like that I'm going to have to lay in the fetal position and hum something loudly with my hands over my ears.


  2. Do you know which variety of echninacea you have planted? It doesn't look very tall. (That's not a bad thing, by the way.)

  3. LOL, Melissa.

    Karen, I don't know, but it should be a lot taller. Almost everything is short this year for me.

  4. I'm with Melissa! My hear skipped a beat when I read "Another season is almost over!" ACK! NOoooooo!!!

  5. I was looking at my flowers this morning and I was also thinking that there's not much left to bloom anymore this season...sniff, sniff!

  6. I live in Michigan too (zone 4.5 - 5) and I have several perennials that haven't even begun blooming.

    Try some Autumn anemone. I have extremely healthy Queen Charlotte (pink) and Whirlwind (white).

    Plumbago (blooms purple) does well here as too, and, so far, it's just a mass of cute little green leaves.

    The bed between the house & the brick walkway has pink obedient plant and some gorgeous white-blooming fragrent hosta. No flowers yet, but I see buds.

    And don't forget perennial mums !!

    One of the daylilies in my mixed daylily bed has yet to open. Others are still producing flowers.

    Small perennials such as white clips, violet balloon flower, dark red "Rosich" dianthus and Moonbeam coreopsis are going strong, under the Stargazer and Casa Blanca lilies.

    Rose campion, cut back once, is blooming haavily again; and, of course, rudbeckia, heliopsis, bee balm, shasta daisies, coneflower.

  7. It is sad,but I also love the fall I enjoy being outside more when its not so hot and humid.

  8. Your gardens look great as usual Zoey! I'm also impressed with the heel clicking. An amazing woman you are!!:)


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