Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More New Daylily Blooms

Black-eyed Stella Charm Bracelet
Not sure on this one


  1. Very nice daylillies, I love them all with name, and without also.


  2. Oh these are beauties. Now why did I think you only had orange ones?

  3. because I have thousands of orange ones!!?????? LOL.

  4. Oh I love those I wish my oriental lilies would hurry up and bloom.

  5. Ahhh such beautiful flowers!! I'm writing down all the names of flowers I see from all the blogs I visit...need a few acres now to plant them all! lol Zoey, I transplanted some of my Sweet Williams from the back to the front and took only the healthiest and newest shoots...hopefully they'll do better there!

  6. Pea,
    I hope the Sweet William do better for you in the front. If you took the new plants that did not bloom this year, you should have blooms next year. I wish you the best of luck!

  7. Ah, more daylilies! (I don't think I can ever get enough.)


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