Monday, July 24, 2006

What's Happening to FoodTV?

Sandra Lee host of Semi Homemade on FoodTV

How does this show stay on the air?

I mean, really, look at this woman.

She dresses to match the kitchen. See the orange shirt is the exact orange shade of the toaster and the mixer? Pathetic!

Every week the kitchen decor changes to match the week's theme. I mean everything changes - new dishes on the shelves, new mixer color, new toaster, etc. Every week, Sandy's clothes match the kitchen.

NOBODY cooks that way.

Is FoodTV going downhill fast or is it just me?

I used to like Paula Deen.

In the four short years since she came on the scene they have just about ruined her. I can just hear Gordon Elliot (her producer) behind the scenes:

"Come on Paula, baby, give 'em a little more Southern charm." Paula thickens her accent and throws in a few more, "from maa house to Yeers" & "y'all's".

"Bat those big eyes a few times now, Paula."

"Take a huge bite of that muffin."

"Let the baa taa drip down your chin and coo like your in pure ecstasy."

"Good girl, Paula. They love 'ya, Baby".

It happened with Emeril, Rachael Ray, and now Paula.

Once FoodTV has an inkling that people like a host, they manipulate their good points and shove them down our throats until we can hardly stand the sight of them.

Did anyone see the recent "Paula's European Vacation"?

Michael supposedly gave Paula the trip to Paris for Christmas. If I were a gambling woman, I would wager a tidy sum that the whole Christmas gift scenario was orchestrated by Gordon Elliott and Food Network.

Last December her magazine hit the stands

I have never read it and never intend to (same with Rachael Ray's mag)

Now they have her two sons hosting a show. When will it end?

I liked it much better when she was a fresh humble personality that I looked forward to seeing once each week.

Next they will be messing with Alton Brown.

They are advertising his new show, "Feasting on Asphalt". I've never seen it, but I love the name.

I hope they don't ruin Alton,too.


  1. I don't think we have that cooking least not that I know of! lol I never watch cooking shows, I'm not a big tv watcher. Sure does sound silly, though, the way they're making her match her clothes to the props...also, changing the kitchen decor is just plain stupid. Gosh, I've baked and cooked in my nightie if it's early morning...wonder if they want to make a show about me? lol

  2. Me, too, Pea.
    Welcome home!
    Hope you had a good vacation. Will check out your blog later tonight to see.

  3. Zoey,
    The thing about Sandra Dee is this: it is the only cooking show the boys in this house will watch. They especially likes it if she has to stir something by hand. Her whole body "really gets into it", if you know what I mean.
    Rachel Ray has annoyed me since day #1. She never speaks into the camera, she shouts at it. After about three minutes, I have such a headache!! After spending ten years in the south, I can tell you that Paula Deen exemplifies what it is to be Southern. On the top, it's sweet and cute, but once you get in there, it's rude and crude and the sweetness is just a joke, kinda something southerners do because it's expected.
    I never knew the bitterness I must feel about the Food Network until I read over this comment!! YIKes!!

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  5. I want to pull my hair out everytime Paula says 'ya all' and Rachael says 'EVOO or extra virgin olive oil' (say one or the other R!)I hear that Paula tapes her show in Gordon's home kitchen!
    I mostly watch the Food Network for 'Iron Chef America' and catch the other shows on Sunday morning. How about how skinny Sandra and Giada(spelling) are! You know what they are doing after their respective shows are over!

  6. I'm glad you wrote this Zoey! I also used to enjoy Paula. But really! Who can eat day in and day out the way she cooks?
    Sandra? I won't even go there...
    Lately I've been watching Robin Miller's Quick Fix Meals. She is much more down to earth and is not quite as over the top perky as Rachael...

  7. Sorry to be the spoiled sport here, but I still like Paula. I've used more of her recipes than any other foodnetwork show's. It's definitely not every day food, more the kind of food you treat yourself with once in a great while. I don't even consider what Sandra Dee does is cooking - just combining prepared foods.

  8. Sissy seems to be doing a little Southern!! After being born and raised in the south...I can tell you,some of us from the South know our manners and Momma raised us right, what you see is what you get with us. I guess you would call it Southern Integrity...sorry but I had to take up for myself and my stand-up Southern Sisters....
    I hear you on all points...and agree on most...shows are lot better till they get popular then they try to mess with it...I've always heard "if it ain't broke don't fix it" maybe the Food Network needs to remember that.

  9. Ah, yes, Alice, I still like Curtis! I haven't seen him in a few weeks, though.

    She used to film in Gordon Elliot's kitchen, but now she and Michael have built a very fine home and she films from her own, equally-as-nice kitchen.

    Sue, I have seen Robin Miller once or twice, but I have not gotten hooked yet.

    Hi Joy, It's OK to like Paula. I am sure millions still do, that is why she is crammed down our throats so much. FoodTV is getting all the mileage they can out of the poor lady before everyone feels like I do or she keels over from exhaustion.

    Sissy, you actually used the word I wanted to, but thought I would be nicer (grin) - but since you said it first, I guess I can concur - crude. That is exactly what I see coming out in PD.

    Tammy, I feel sure you are a very well mannered southern girl! LOL

  10. Somehow I suspect that they will not be able to touch Alton. He is WAY to saavy, kemo sabe!


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