Thursday, July 6, 2006

Orange Asiatic Lilies

(I see I missed a couple of pink mallow in there)

Poor pink mallow. I've been chopping it off almost everywhere in my gardens.
I know many people consider it a weed and won't allow it anyplace in their garden.
Personally I like it and find that removing the zillions of babies each year is preferable to eliminating it altogether.

I think even those who raise their haughty eyebrows to the lowly mallow would agree that she looks quite splendid here.


  1. I've always liked mallow myself.

  2. Wow I'll take a weed that looks like that anyday!! Very pretty Pat

  3. They certainly don't look like weeds with their lovely bright flowers...I would leave them in too if I had them!!

  4. The pink mallows are just beautiful.

  5. I love mallow! Such a pretty pink. I want to plant some on my band one of these days...when I can find the time!
    I like those shoes Zoey. I'm going to have to look for a pair. I like the sound of the winter ones too...for early mornings when the grass is wet...I hate it when my shoes get wet and squishy!


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