Thursday, July 6, 2006

Do You See a Star Among the Blooms?

Yes, I went out after work today and bought a pair of crocs ($30 + tax). My shoe store only had 3 colors in my size and I choose baby blue.

I wore them while I watered the deck plants, and a few of the water-loving arbor border plants.

They are indeed very soft and comfy.
The very best part about them is this

They get a little dirt on them you can just stick your foot under the hose. It's a good way to cool off, too. That water was COLD!

I think I'm starting to get that lovin' feeling....


  1. I have enjoyed your interesting and beautiful blog and have provided a link to it from my newly-created blog, titled Journey, at
    Please stop by and say hello!

  2. Are those straps? Cool! I saw them in the mall for about $24 on sale. No, I didn't buy any yet. I was waiting to see how you liked them.

  3. are too funny!!

  4. Welcome Woman on a journey. Thank you for the link. I will visit your blog this morning.

    Dianne, they have straps that you can put up front to wear them as clogs or pull them down to the back to help hold them on if your walking far, etc.

    Hi Tammy.

  5. Hmmmm they do look kinda cool so I may just go try some on to see if I think I could get used to them....they would be great to work in the garden with!


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