Friday, July 14, 2006

I was so Excited

when I came home today and found my favorite daylily has not disappeared. Last year this lily did not bloom and I thought perhaps I had lost it.

It's Hemerocalis 'El Desperado'.

It's a beautiful golden yellow color with a dark plum purple eye and matching edge covering about a third of the petals (this one does not have very much purple on the edge).

I have two of these. They are planted in an area where they do not get enough sun to thrive. This weekend I am going to find a new place for them.

After I took that picture, I gasped outloud when I glanced to the left and saw these lilies in bloom. They are Lilium 'Centerfold'.

I planted 9 bulbs two years ago, but last year the deer ate almost all of them. This year I used Hinder and sprayed them every two weeks. I am happy to say it worked.
This is where they are planted in relation to the rest of the gardens:


  1. I am desperately awaiting my 'El Desperado' blooms. Thanks for the preview. ;-)

    Those lilium are very nice, too.

  2. That is a gorgeous yellow! My favorite one is going to bloom. It's frilly and a creamy butter color.

  3. Sooooo gorgeous!! I was never into lilies before but now since I've bought the Vivaldi Asiatic Lilies, I want more kinds!!! My Easter lily from last year that I planted in the ground is almost ready to bloom...pretty good since I had forgotten all about it! lol

  4. wow those lilies are fabulous!!


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