Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Be on the Lookout

for the Breck's catalog.

Once again I received the $25 offer - no strings attached.

I can deduct $25 off any order - there is no minimum amount to spend.

I am ordering these 'Capuchino' Tango Asiatic Lilies.

The description is so tantalizing:

"Wakes you up in style! This two-tone lily has cream-coloured petals sprinkled liberally with those coffee grounds you love so much."

Does anyone else find $29.99 for 10 lily bulbs quite expensive or have I just not purchased them in a while? I guess I can't complain since I get $25 off!
Reminds me of one of my mom's favorite sayings:

"You'd complain if they hung you with a new rope."


  1. Your mom sounds like a hoot!!!
    This flower thang can get a little expensive can't it...makes me understand about trading out and such...I've read that our ancestors did it all the time.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean! $2.99 seems a lot to pay for a lily bulb. But Breck seems to have sewn up the market for them, especially this new Tango line of Asiatic Lilies. I couldn’t find a single other dealer who has the “Capuchino” variety. It’s probably a Breck’s original.

    I did find a more reasonably priced line of Asiatic Lilies from Van Bourgondien. A bag of 24 bulbs for $45.60, or a $1.90 each bulb. But they don’t have the coffee grind centers that the Tangos do. Breck’s has been selling bulbs since 1818. It’s hard to compete with them.

    In all fairness, Breck’s does sell less popular Lily varieties for as low as $1.44 for each bulb. Bulbs direct from Holland? I guess the shipping costs have to be covered somehow. My wife buys the blooms for our flower garden. We usually purchase them from local dealers. Her favorite this year is Stella D’Oro, a Daylily.

    As the name implies, these flowers resemble “golden stars.” According to a study done at a university in India, the species Lilium prefers nutrients with an NPK ratio where the Nitrogen is approximately half the strength of the Phosphorus and Potassium.

    We use balanced macro and micro nutrients made by the Advanced Nutrients company. For instance their Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tree Bloom is made from shrimp meal, fish meal, sea kelp, crab meal, canola meal, citric acid, earthworm castings, and alfalfa extract. With an NPK of .50-1.50-2.0 it is very kind to lilies, producing brilliant, robust flowers each and every time.

    Just like other delicate flowers, lilies are subject to pathogens. In order to ward off diseases, we spray with Scorpion Juice, which inoculates plants with Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR). We also grow some oriental lily hybrids, and these flowers respond very favorably to the preventative foliar spraying of Scorpion Juice.

    Just as the Asiatic lily varieties begin to wilt, the oriental lilies come into their own. Their fragrance is legendary and their white, pink, and crimson petals are a welcome addition to any garden. My wife and I keep a special place in our flowerbeds for all our lilies.

    The bed with the oriental lilies receives shade from the hot, afternoon sun by being next to a Japanese cherry tree. In addition to protection from the hot sun, lilies prefer an organic, well-drained soil slightly on the acidic side (6.5 pH). We plant the bulbs in the fall, to a depth of three times the size of the bulb.

    I hope you keep us posted as to how your “Capuchino” Tango Lilies are doing. Are they destined to grow in the fall, or will you wait until the fall to plant them for next season? Since you’re getting a $25 discount, you can’t go wrong with the price. They certainly look splendid in the photo.

    Your blog is very relaxing to read and gives a great insight into what your life must be like. Sitting on the deck watching birds feeding their young certainly sounds like something I’d love to do, but alas, have very little time for. Duty calls and the mortgage has to be paid!

  3. Ya, what Matthew said! lol I've never ordered flowers from a catalogue so I have no idea if the prices are good or high...I imagine they're a bit higher to cover the costs of transportation, etc. Zoey, is that catalogue just good for in the States? It's great you're getting the $25 off, can't go wrong there!!

  4. Have you checked out van Bourgondien bulbs? I got the same discount, ordered $55.00 worth of bulbs and perenniels and paid $35.

    I wanted to letcha know that your coleus are wonderful. They are really fantastic with the sweet potato vine. The neon green is the exact same green that is in the coleus!! (I made that discovery years ago and have ridden that one every year!!)
    Happy Planting!

  5. I think Breck's prices might be a bit high but from experience I know they are good quality and produce great flowers. Pea you can order a Breck's catalog on line they sell in Canada.

  6. Sissy,
    I've ordered from Van B. many times in the past. I was always happy with their bulbs. It seems I got their catalog, but threw it aside. I don't remember any big $$off offer. Maybe I should try to find it and look. I can always use more. :)

    Ah, I found it within arm's reach of my 'puter chair. No discount offer for me. . . Just free shipping if I spend $400!! I want to be on the same mailing list you're on.:)

    I love that green sw. potato vine. It just goes with so many other flowers.

    Are you for real? Or just wanting me to click those sites to sell me something? I didn't click them.
    If you're for real thanks for the detailed comment.

    CG, I think Breck's is increasing prices to help cover the big discount coupon.

    Tammy, my Mom is a hoot. She has lots of good old country sayings.
    Trading plants or dividing your own stock is the best way to get more flowers, but now and then you just want something new and different.

    Pea, bulbs are great to get from a catalog. You have so many more options that what is usually available at local stores.

  7. I'll keep an eye out for the coupon. I was a bit disappointed my alluim weren't blue, but purple. I'm wondering if allium are like hydrangeas and that their color depends on the soil acidity? Anyone know this?

  8. OMG.....I saw a collection of lileis with those capachino ones in it. I HAVE to HAVE them!!!


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