Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Frost Finally Got Them

After just bragging yesterday about how nice my garage planters were, I felt I needed to show you how they look today:
This is the end of my 2013 container plants.  So sad! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Autumn Projects

I cut down all of my deck containers today--just in time as we may get some snow flurries next week. DH's marigolds stilled looked good, so I moved them to the front yard where they work nicely with the pumpkin décor.
 Despite many night's in the 30's, my tropical containers still look good.  Being under a roof overhang and next to the house shelters them in their own little mini climate. I have not even covered them.

Since my last post, I have planted some Japanese Silver Grass with my Limelights in the old apple tree border.

If you look closely at the pic below, you will see our latest addition to the landscape...the white corner fence.
DH worked very hard digging 2 ft deep holes in our rocky ground.  At first he did not think he could go down the full 24 inches, but perseverance paid off and he finally got all three holes level.

Here is the area last week after the removal of three trees and a long perennial garden where nothing would grow & the addition of new top soil:
and here it is today--almost ready to be planted.  The new grass will have to wait until next spring.
My intention is to use just 2 mop heads and one Ninebark. The color scheme will be  the same chartreuse/dark purple that I have on each side of the front porch:
It will look exactly like this, except there will be a mop head on each side of the Ninebark. Once planted it should be as close to maintenance free as any border can be.

I hope you have all been enjoying autumn in your area of the country!
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