Friday, July 28, 2006

It's Friday and

too hot to cook!

It's in the low 90's. (I feel so petty complaining when poor Sue in CA had 110 degrees last week!) Nonetheless I am going to complain like crazy.

I've had a pretty hectic week and was in no mood to cook. So I sent DH to Subway for this take-out dinner.

Yesterday I had another of those useless training classes in a far away place. Our GSM (Guest Service Manager) and I left at 5:30 a.m. to attend a 9:00 a.m. meeting. We got home about 7:00 p.m. The meeting was useful to him, but it's nothing I have ever done, nor will I ever, so it was a waste of 14 hours for me. Except that I got a "point". Our hotel chain has a point system that must be achieved. Training is fine, but to train someone (me) in something I don't even do just to get the almighty "point" is totally useless.

Needless to say, I didn't accomplish anything else for the whole day.

Since I missed work yesterday I was playing catch up all day today. It was over 80 degrees in the office. I consider that inhumane working conditions for someone wearing these

and pantyhose.

Throw a hot flash in the mix and let me tell you, it's miserable!

Everyone in the office complains, but it does no good. Our General Manager and Chief Engineer insist that the air conditioning is working. (They are both very intelligent men. I can't understand how they think it's working when it's set at 70 and it's over 80????) I know zip about mechanical things, but even I know IT IS NOT WORKING.)

I jokingly told the Executive Housekeeper that if they didn't get it cooled off in there, I was going to walk out and go home. Of course, I didn't do it. But I am getting sick of working in an oven. One of these days I just might do it.

I haven't rebelled like that since the early 1970's when we had a sit-in to demonstrate our disagreement with not being allowed to wear pants in school. Anybody remember "sit-ins"? We all sat outside on the school lawn instead of going to class, holding signs & chanting things like "No pants, no school."

Of course we all wore our bell bottoms to the sit -in . LOL............those were the days...................


  1. Sit-ins sound like fun. ;-)

    Broken air conditioning, not so much.

    I wonder if there's anything in the labour laws about it? You joke about "inhumane conditions", but there might be something to that. You could look it up and see.

  2. My office is over airconditioned and I find myself going to work in sweaters and putting wool socks on. Hopefully you get your air back to optimal temperatures soon.

  3. Our "natural a/c" has kicked in. It's delightful weather now! We had subway too for our picnic in the park. Gotta love take out! (semi-healthy at that!)
    Cute shoes Zoey, but oh my goodness, your poor feet in that heat!

  4. Invite some of the big shots to your office and see how they sweat!
    That is totally unacceptable.
    I can't remember being in a 'sit-in'.
    BTW...we had pizza for dinner..I too refused to even attempt to cook.

  5. Gosh, you were a radical, weren't you? All sit-ins and placards. Tut, tut.

  6. zoey, I remember those bell bottoms very well. I even had a pair. Ahhhh that was when I was a touch skinnier. As for those hot flashes, they are miserable but they will pass.

  7. Sit-in's, bell bottoms, oh, the memories! Now that I have reached the age of 50 I feel the urge to rebel again. Just last year I put blonde highlights in my red hair for the first time ever. I felt powerful! And the gray wasn't as noticeable. lol

  8. NO! Cindy! Blonde highlights in red hair???? You rebel, you!

    I was no radical.
    That was the only sit in I ever sat in on.

    Actually there weren't too many sit ins in our little town.

    I did wear pants to a Jr. High dance though. We were protesting again and knew we would get kicked out. We did.

  9. Don't ya know they're not hot flashes but power surges??? lol I can't even imagine trying to concentrate on work when it's so hot in the office..if it's over 80 in there, no way is the AC working! Can you get yourself a little desk fan? That might help a bit. Yummmm I love Subway, especially their Turkey & Bacon Wrap which is what I usually order:-)

  10. Zoey, you're making me laugh!
    That sub looks so good!
    Ah, the flower child Seventies...I remember them well :) Daisies.... bright colors...
    hot pink, lime green, bright yellow...they were fun years :)


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