Monday, July 3, 2006

Every year I look forward to these Asiatic lilies peeking through the arbor.

They are actually a very unimpressive bland color. I think being planted where they sort of poke in and out of the arbor helps give them more interest.

I don't remember planting these white lilies. That happens all the time...forgetting what I've planted. I like them with the white Shasta daisies, though I doubt that I planned that combination.

The pink mallow behind looks nice, too, in this picture.

But it does not look so nice with the hundreds of orange lilies I have blooming right now. Most years the orange/pink combo doesn't bother me, but today it did.

So I cut a bunch of them (mallow) down about an hour ago. I probably whacked off about a foot or two of the really tall ones. They will grow back fast and when the orange lilies finish they should be ready to bloom again.

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  1. Your lilies are really white lilies aren't quite ready to open yet but should in another week or so.


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