Monday, July 3, 2006

Here it is July 3rd

and I still have had little bloom on this spoon-petaled osteospernum in my old grill planter It's on the right side of this planting.

There is one tiny little flower on it.

I actually bought 2 of these osteos back in May and neither has performed to my expectations. GEEZ, come on plants - summer will be over before you begin.

I've had them before and they were stunning. Hopefully they will kick in soon.

I am quite a bit happier with this watering can

into whose tiny opening I have managed to cram six plants.

I like to have a variety of plants in each container - I find just one type of plant a bit dull.

No more time to blog.
Must get to work.
Hope everyone enjoys their Monday.


  1. I need to find me a good garden's was out of anything pretty and what they had looked have some real purdy flowers there...loved the planters ;-D

  2. Tammy,
    I usually buy a lot at Walmart and Home Depot.
    This year their road is under construction and a big pain to navigate so I have only been there three times since April. I did buy the osteos there.

  3. Hey Zoey!
    I made a photo collage of your yard and flowers from the last few months and want to give it to you. I saved it to Yahoo, but it's not big enough now to enjoy as wallpaper. I could add it to my blog and you could get it, but they are your flowers. Can you think of any online place that doesn't resize the photos?

  4. Like you, I also like a mixture of flowers in one the way they grew in your watering can!!

  5. Your watering can is so colorful. I love the mixture...

  6. Love that watering can planter. I use my old cracked teapots as planters, but can usually only fit one plant so I do pansies.

    I can really identify with the orange and pink dilemma. Not specifically, but in general. I cut some "pink" tulips that (unbeknownst to me) started out red, because I hadn't planned for having red there at that time. Luckily the tulips were beautiful as cut flowers and it saved my garden from clashing.

  7. Everything else in the planter looks great Zoey. I put purple osteos with that same sweet potatoe vine last year. I hope it blooms for you soon.
    All your planters and gardens are looking lovely! Love that lily peeking through. It's gorgeous!
    What kind of bird is that? Great photo.
    Our swallows left rained out, poor things. I was so sad to see they were gone last Wednesday, after all that rain.
    I can't believe you need rain!! We've had thunderstorms every night! Really heavy rain tonight and last nigh!


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