Saturday, July 1, 2006

Keep Strolling...........

Feel free to pick a few weeds as we stoll along....


  1. I could just keep on strolling and pick a few weeds along the way.

    It's amazing how you you managed to have a field of blooms. I wish I can help around sometimes.

  2. Very beautiful! Is that a birdhouse over the chair? Fits right in with the flowers:-)

  3. Ah think Ah'll sit down right cheer in this pretty lil' ol' blue chair, go on and pick the weeds...

  4. Welcome, Ling.

    Tammy, you are just too funny. Your comments always make me laugh!

    Yes, Pea, it's a bird house. Last year there was a chickadee in it. I have one on the deck this year which has a bird in it right now.


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