Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mystery Plant

Does anyone know what this beautiful red-foliaged plant is?
I bought it assuming it was a red salvia, but so far no bloom.
There was no plant tag in the little 4-packs I bought.
It is about 12 - 15 inches tall right now.
Update: Thanks to Sissy I now know that it is an amaranthus, also known as summer poinsettia. It can get up to 4 feet tall! Although I don't think it is going to get that tall in my containers. I hope not! The bright red on the top is the "flower" that it's grown for. It does actually get true little flowers along the stem.
Sissy, thanks so much for the great detective work!

Every time I walk by this lavender I have to pick a piece to rub between my fingers to release the scent.


  1. No idea what that plant is but I sure love the colours!! What a beautiful combination! Hopefully someone can identify it for you.

  2. You know, Zoey, you are going to think I am nuts, but I think that red one is a form of poinsettia. It's an annual, but I cannot remember the name. I am going to take my Park's Catalog to bed with me and maybe I will spot it and I will letcha know tomorrow!!

  3. Is it amaranthus summer poinsettia??

  4. Don't you just love Lavender. This year I am going to be sure to bring some in and make sachets for myself and friends.

  5. Pretty sure it's what Sissy said as I have had them before. I think they are gorgeous too!

  6. Sissy,
    I am so glad you took that catalog to bed with you and found it!
    You are exactly correct.
    Thank you!

  7. uh-oh, Zoey!! Your amaranthas, (tricolor, to be exact) made the top 5 hated plants list at the garden 4 dummies blog!!

    I hope this doesn't upset you, cheer up!
    My new garden couldn't start until June 16, so I have three out of the five!!

    Anyways, I absolutely love annual Vinca.
    I am not so fond of gardening 4 dummies!!

  8. Your kidding, Sissy!
    How could that be?
    I must go now and check out that link...


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