Monday, July 24, 2006

I Hate...........

Wind chimes

I don't like any artificial background noise that just keeps going and going and going.

How about you?

What do you really dislike?

And do you like wind chimes?


  1. I'm with you. I find any sounds like windchimes annoying. Especially when they're high-pitched. The neighbors two yards up have them and they're never outside and I just wish they'd take them down or trade them in for some low-pitched ones if they must indulge.

    My favourite recent garden sounds is the toddler who plays at the fence behind my garden and talks to himself. Very sweet.

  2. I like wind chimes occasionally. Which is why I put them out when I feel like hearing them.

    I have a mid-toned set that needs restringing... Hmmm. I wonder where I've put that?

    And I have some light tinkly ones that are nice when I am watching my fish swim in their still water ponds.

    But I hate them when they are nothing but noise pollution! Argh!

    I also would like to have a deep-voiced bell in my garden... I've seen some that are magnificent pieces of art, and made of recycled bits of things. Very cool. And, of course, something you play with when you are in the mood for a little tone or two!

  3. I have a set that are really heavy, so it takes a good breeze to get them going. Just enough for an occasional ring, but not enough to annoy me. I love them.

  4. We have windchimes. Zoey right now I'd love to hear them because it would mean there is a breeze!
    Not too many noises really annoy me other than loud blasting rap music from the teenagers down on the corner!

  5. I have a set of chimes made from seashells (capiz?) hanging from our back deck. I like them because they are pretty and because they alert me to the breeze.
    I have a deeper-toned set hanging from one of our Norway Spruce in the front yard. I think the lower notes don't carry as well, so the sound is never annoying. When I do hear them, the chimes sound very mysterious and peaceful.

  6. I was surrounded by wind chimes at one point. We live in a very windy area, and very few of my neighbours are home all day, so no one had to hear the constant noise but me. For some reason everyone chose bamboo chimes, whose sound makes me think of bones rattling in the wind. So no, I don't like the sound of (other people's) wind chimes.

  7. We have a little 50 gallon pond, so running and splashing water is nice. I only like windchimes if they are a nice melodic toned set-nothing too brash.

  8. If I count Melissa as a "no", it looks like we are tied 4 to 4. The next person to comment will break the tie. Don't be shy....... :)

  9. I'll break the tie..I LOVE wind chimes not the little tinky tinky kind but the big ones that sound like cathedral chimes.
    I have some right outside my backdoor. They drive my husband nuts but I love em.


  10. I quite like windchimes but not too many. Also like the ones made of bamboo as they have a softer, more mellow tone.

    I think we must have acquired our windchimes and Sara's rabbit at about the same time. They both hung/lived out on the deck. On windy nights I would get up and take the chimes down because I couldn't bear the thought of the rabbit being kept awake all night by the chimes. As though rabbits only slept at night anyway!!

  11. I like the bamboo windchimes but not the metal ones - they are quite irritating!

    I like each of your flower photos especially the one loaded as your profile photo with the lovely butterfly!

  12. The "I like windchimes" are way ahead now (3 votes)!

    Nutbuk, thanks for stopping by. I tried to leave a comment on your site, but blogger was not cooperating early this a.m.

  13. I have a windchime that is a soft bong...low and deep sound. It's actually soothing in the evenings. vote is yes.

  14. I have wind chimes all over....Love em! Wish I had more :)


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