Friday, July 14, 2006

I Love My Whiskey Half Barrels

This is only the second year that I have had them, but they are already my favorite containers to plant. They are just the right size...big enough to allow a nice mix of plants.

The only negative is their weight. They are much too heavy for me to move around.

I left the same soil in them that I had last year. I just topped it off with some new bagged top soil.

These are definite "stand alones".
In fact, I think it would be very difficult to incorporate other planters as these are so overpowering on their own.

I am so happy to report that it is raining tonight. We need it badly. You can see in this picture that the grass is quite crispy.


  1. Oh, you definitely have the space for those whiskey barrels, and they really do look wonderful.

    That is how I do the soil in a lot of my (larger) containers too. I might take out some from the top then mix in new soil from a bag, and also there is the soil attached to the roots of the plants you transplant. I don't think it's always necessary (or practical) to do a complete soil exchange.

  2. Dear Zoey,
    Your barrels look great. I think I mentioned that here in our area, near the Napa Valley we have lots of wine barrels. Most of the stores that sell them also offer a wheeled "dolly" that they sit on. Makes moving them a breeze! Here's a link to one: My husband makes ours....

  3. Yes, I know what you mean. The weight is the problem. I have more than 200 pots in my garden, and most of them a terracotta. The rest in the last time is plastic.


  4. Zoey, about Ligularia: Water and fertilizer, more you can not do. I have plants, they do not like to live with me and so I give them to friends.


  5. Sigrun, I've been watering mine, but not fertilizing. Thanks for the tip. I will go out and fertilize today. I don't want to give mine to friends! I want to make him like me. LOL

  6. I've always loved the whiskey half barrels but haven't seen them around here for sale...any idea where I could get one? I've been to garden nurseries and haven't even seen any there! Maybe I'm just not looking at the right place!!

  7. Pea,
    I bought mine last year at Home Depot. They were something like $16.99 each.

    Around here they come out in May and are usually gone by June. They don't seem to restock them.

  8. Sue,
    I just checked out your link and called DH in to see them.
    We don't really have a saw or anything to make them (not too handy around this house!LOL), but DH says he will look at Home Depot for somthing similar.

    It's exactly what I need. Thanks so much!

  9. Zoey I love your whiskey barrels. I live in the bourbon state (KY) and we have a pretty good supply of them. They are probably my favorite container everything seems to grow so well in them.
    As usual all of your pictures are lovely.


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