Saturday, July 22, 2006

Double Duty Bouquet

Last weekend I picked a few coleus leaves and put them in a pitcher of water on my kitchen counter.

They have already sprouted roots

So today I will plant them outside.
A great way to get free plants.


  1. Have you ever tried growing a coleus as a houseplant? I know it can be done but I have never tried it.

  2. I tried this last year, but I think it was later in the season. Plus the restaurant guy's were buggie and killed them all off. I may try this with my own clean plants.

  3. Love your coleus bouquet. I also like your roosters. I used a rooster theme for the kitchen redo...

  4. You gave me the fantastic idea to ask my Dad if I could pick some of their coleus leaves and now I`m hoping mine will root too! My Mum said that while they were on holiday up north to their friend`s place, she had some coleus leaves as a houseplant inside. I think I`d like to plant some in the garden and maybe try one inside as well if you root for me.
    Thanks again for the idea!

  5. OH my! not "you" root for me,I meant to put "they" hehe But a little in "go girl go"... may help from you too come to think of it.


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