Sunday, July 16, 2006

Remember the Weed that I've Been Awaiting its Bloom?

Well, here it is.
I believe that Kathy had it correct with her suggestion that it is a relative of evening primrose . . . Oenothera genus.
Those of you who are in the know, is that what it is?

It's actually quite pretty with the daisy, don't you think?

Nonetheless, I shall be yanking it out as soon as the temperatures are a bit more cooperative.


  1. It certainly does look like Evening Primrose which can become a real pest. I loved the pure yellow of the flowers though. The plant has a very long tap root so unless your soil is quite loose it may be best to loosen it deeply with a fork first. Like dandelions, if you leave any of the root in the ground, it will grow again.

  2. Oenothera are a wildly mixed lot. I have two of the low growers, macrocarpa and another I don't know the name of, are quite well behaved.

    My mother had a nursery bought 'sun drop' that was quite mannered - stayed in a strong tidy clump. I have the wild form of Oenothera pilosella that I keep in pots - it's a runner, but shallow rooted.

    I don't know what your variety is - it's got the tall form of the 'sun drop,' but seems to have the smooth leaf of the 'evening primrose.'

  3. That's one of those plants that are flowers in some yards and weeds in others!
    It's Missouri Primrose, or Ozark Sundrop, Oenothera missouriensis, Native to Missouri, it was kind of a groundcover for me. The flowers open at night and fade by the next morning...

  4. Hi! I found your blog through Sabine. I cannot believe how beatuiful your yard/garden is and you do it all yourself. God has certainly given you a talent and an obvious love for growing plants and flowers. I have enjoyed your pictures very much. I have the brownest thumb of anyone I know, I am afraid. The only plants I'm good with are silk. HA!


  5. Looks like it's got more buds there. Too bad you have to yank it out. I was thinking it was awfully pretty for a weed. Usually the ones I let grow I regret it immediately because they turn out ugly. ;-)

  6. i think i have one too...i have a similar-looking weed that i left to bloom, just to see...

  7. Still say some weeds are nicer than some flowers! lol Love the effect of the daisies in the background:-)

  8. You'll have that coming up all over the place if you don't pull it before it goes to seed! It is a bi-annual so they are very good at creating babies.

  9. Do I get a prize for the correct I.D.? I have seen birds feasting on the seeds. That would be the only reason to keep it. But Jenn and the others are right, some Oenotheras are more weedy than others. Some are kind of weedy but their flowers are so big they make up for the bother.


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