Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Day of Sweltering Heat

We Michiganders are not used to temps in the mid 90's.

Unlike our friends from the warmer climates we cannot retreat to our air-conditioned homes because few of us have central air.

About the best we can do is this

stand in a bucket of ice cold well water.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh........this is the life..........


  1. Now I know why you bought those Crocs. Shame you can't capture some of this heat to use during those heavy snowy days.

  2. Alice, I thought of you today...remember when you were having weather like this and you had to cook a turkey? I think it was for Christmaas. I can't imagine cooking a turkey today!
    I'd have to be starving before I turned that oven on in this heat.

  3. No air conditioners!! I never thought of that although my husband lived in Michigan for 4 or 5 years he has told me about the winters that you all have. Kentucky gets too cold for me sometimes. We think its bad when its down in the 30's,and heaven forbid we get snow they call off school and everybody runs to the stoe for milk and bread lol..

  4. LOL, Pat. It's not exactly "no" air conditioners - just no central air. I do have one of those window air conditioners in the bedroom. I am going in there now to watch TV and cool off.

  5. Lol love the picture!! Little did you know how good those crocs would be huh? We are also having that heat and we're not used to that for so long over here either!!


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