Sunday, July 9, 2006

Cooking for the birds

for the birds.

I recently read that chickadees like cooked egg yolks.

So this morning after completing a couple of hours of garden work, I thought I would treat my bird quests to a home-cooked meal.

I cooked an egg in the microwave, removed only the yolk and diced it into small beak-sized bites. Doesn't it look delish?

I put it out right in front of the bird house on a piece of waxed paper. I had my camera solidly perched on the arm of the glider in 10X zoom mode sure that within moments Mrs. C would discover the mouth-watering morsels . I waited and waited and waited.......Mr. & Mrs. Chickadee flew in and out numerous times and ignored my offering.

I moved a couple pieces closer to their home

directly on their home, in fact.

They still ignored the egg yolk.

After a few hours I threw the yolk away, vowing not to believe everything I read.

Mr. & Mrs. are doing a fine job feeding their babies without my help anyway.


  1. I truly had never heard that birds like to eat egg yolks! I thought they ate mostly worms and bugs...

  2. It was the thought that counts. : )
    Great close-ups!!

  3. Try it in late winter, when they are just getting the 'spring's here' call. I'll bet they will gobble it up and ask for more!

  4. Like Sue, I had never heard of feeding birds egg yolks...but hey it was worth a try! lol You always get such great close up shots, beautiful!!

  5. Breadcrumbs always welcome by my birds...even overdone toast!

  6. I read an a snippet about it in Birds and Blooms once. Too bad they didn't 'bite'. You're a good mom to the birds :) Great photos!!!


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