Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Moved One Plant

I watered a few plants tonight and decided (spur-of-the-moment)to rearrange a few containers. I thought I would just pull the Persian Shield over because the color went well with the canna leaves.

Once I grouped these front containers, you can clearly see that the big hibiscus tree needed to go.

So I moved that out and then I did not like seeing the pot the Persian shield is in. So I looked around and decided to pull a begonia over to cover it....not too bad, but now I needed a bit more of that red begonia color a little higher up.

The birds left their nest so I could move that planter over.......
Geez, all this because I moved a pot of Persian Shield .........................LOL

Here is where I left it for tonight

I can't guarantee that it will be that way tomorrow.


  1. LOL I can just picture you doing all this...the end result is beautiful and each planter compliments the other!! Very nice!

  2. Oh, I know what that's like! The current look is great, though. Funny how it all resulted just from moving the Persian Shield.

  3. You must truly feel a sense of harmony when you sit or walk amongst your beautiful plants. After you`ve done all that hard work that is! Just gorgeous.


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