Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wonderful day

I did not leave the house. It was a productive day and I even got a nap. I went outside early and moved some plants to soften the edges of the new path. About 10:30 a.m. I layed on the sofa to watch a little FoodTV. While Paula Dean was exaggerating her southern drawl, I feel asleep. That's OK. I needed a little nap.

Shortly after noon, I went back outside and worked a bit more. I think I need another 12 pavers to extend my path across the back section. I was mentally planning where it would go. I think I have it all figured out. I just need to convince DH. So far he's not too enthused about making another one.

Look at this yellow spider with the brown stripe. It matched the flower it was on.

Does anyone know the name of this one? I don't think I 've ever seen a yellow one like this.

Yesterday we stopped at the Farmer's Market in town and bought these fingerling potatoes and green beans. DH bought the sweet cherries at the grocery store today.

The summer squash and zucchini came from my Dad's garden. I must have inherited my love of gardening from Dad. He plants a large veggie garden every year. He only lives a mile away so I get a lot of the goodies.
Ah, the foods of summer. Fresh, delicious and even healthy.

Remember the dahlia bud below that looked purple?

Well, it opened today. It's called 'Mignon Sunshine'

It's not purple, but it's not quite like the picture on the package. (You will have to scroll down a bit to see the picture. I'm too lazy to make a hyperlink right now).
I find it rather muddy and where's the red? Maybe it gets more red in the center as it ages.


  1. I love it!
    Muddy? That's sophisticated!


  2. How convenient to have fresh home-grown produce nearby! Our veggies are all but dead from this heat. Not too many plants can take this heat for long...

  3. Well, I think it's beautiful!! It kinda matches your new friend the spider!!

  4. I like the dahlia-so cheerful.
    BTW, that collage I made is of all famous left-handed people. The clue was that it shows both Jay Leno and Harry S. Truman using their left hands. : )

  5. Dianne, I would have NEVER guessed that one! Were you in it? Your a leftie, aren't you?

  6. That dahlia is perfection. And that's one interesting looking spider you've got there. I think he's got racing stripes.

    And now I've got a craving for cherries. Thank you.

  7. I love this combination of colors. So soft and pretty!

  8. It's a crab spider. They can change colors. Usually you'd see a yellow one on a yellow flower

  9. Thanks, Cherdecor!
    I just googled crab spider and sure enough, it's the one.


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