Thursday, July 20, 2006

Whooo Hooooooo

I'm Back!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful sight?

"Zo, what is that? " you ask.

"Why it's my brand spankin' new DSL modem with solid green lights."
"Isn't she a beauty? She arrived in less than 48 hours, so I take back all the swear words I directed at my provider since Monday night."

Thank goodness I did not have the experience Alice's friend had. Here's Alice's comment:
A real-estate agent told me last week that she wanted Broadband for her business, so she rang a major supplier and was told they would post the modem to her. She said there's no need to do that as my office is directly across the road from you and I can almost see in your windows as I speak. After much argument, the provider still insisted that it had to be posted. NINE WEEKS later it still hadn't arrived! Another provider was more than happy to oblige immediately.

Now I am off to read all the blogs I missed for the past two days.


  1. Wow she's a Beaut!!!

    Glad you got such speedy service.

  2. That was almost as quick as having them overnight it! Solid green lights are a very good thing!

  3. Thank goodness the Great Modem has saved you from that horrid abyss known as B.O.L. (being off line). Happy surfing.

  4. Yay for speedy service! I was hoping they were just giving you a worst-case scenario when they quoted the timeframe. (Kind of like the way Scotty made himself look good by telling Captain Kirk it would take so many hours to fix the Enterprise, and then he always managed to get it done quicker.)

  5. Wow that WAS fast! Excellent!


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