Friday, July 7, 2006


By now it's no secret that I like to see pictures of full landscapes so I can get a feel for where someone's garden is in relation to the house, etc. I'll just assume my readers like that, too.

While standing behind my rockwall the other day, with camera in hand (of course), I decided to try to get a picture of the whole backyard.
I got most of it, but couldn't quite get it all as I wasn't about to walk back any further because there is poison ivy all over the place.

On the left you can see just a touch of a white garden shed. My yard ends a couple of feet beyond the shed.
On the right side where the grass ends, the woody area starts. I own another full lot there.

(This should get quite a bit bigger if you click on it.)

Since I am standing behind at the very end of the rockwall, I will attempt a shot to show you its size.

It ends down at the white arbor.


  1. Stunningly beautiful garden. So pleased to see these landscaped views.

  2. Wow! Your landscape is wonderful! I am jealous of all your beautiful plants...I know it takes a lot of hard work-

  3. It is just beautiful zoey.

  4. Yeah! I love full landscape shots. Yours came out especially nice. I think these sorts of photos always look better if there is something in the foreground AND background.

  5. Sure looks like a garden magazine article. Lovely!
    I don't have a lot of open space around my house, it's a lop-sided rectangular yard that is mostly green grass and a lumpy yard (1.4 acres and the house is on one end). That's why I mainly take close-ups.

  6. With all that yard, I'm surprised you have time to do all the other wonderfully creative things you do!
    It's lovely Zoey...

  7. It looks so beautiful and you can tell how everything is thriving! So much work to upkeep it but well worth it!!

  8. Perennial passion indeed Zoey :) Your yard is spectacular and a real credit to you. You don't mind hard work, do you? I can see this takes a LOT of it! Thanks for these pics. I've been wishing I could see your whole see where everything is. It's absolutely beautiful. Do you have people stopping to look at all your beautiful gardens?


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