Friday, July 14, 2006

Ah Ha!

I caught the little buggers!

These were on my zinnias today.
What are they?

I am not sure what they are, but I am pretty sure they are responsible for all the holey leaves.

Any guesses what I did with them after getting their mug shot?

Let's just say that they got a close up view of the bottom of my new crocs.


  1. Stink bugs? Then they probably were not the villains after all?

  2. Zoey, look at this web site...they show pictures of various stink bugs and there is one picture that looks exactly like the ones that got a close up of your sole! lol

  3. Hi Pea, Yes, I think Dianne was correct. It's a stink bug.

    What I meant by saying it was not the villain, is that I don't think stink bugs eat the foliage the way my zinnias were eaten.

    So I guess I did not catch the bug that did the damage after all...I might have been just a bit harsh giving them the old croc stomp! LL

  4. Zoey-
    Stink bugs are bad, bad, bad!! They are all over the south and when I lived in Memphis, they did bad things in my garden! I betcha they did do that to your zinnias!!
    Those crocs were no good to me in TN, I got bit by the Brown Recluse while wearing them in the veggie garden. They have holes all over!!
    I still have a scar where the skin died on my foot and it looks like a giant chicken poc scar!! Be careful!!

  5. I feel so much better about killing the stink bugs now, Sissy. LOL. I am going to google them now and see what damage they do.

    Oh dear, now I will always think of that spider when I am wearing those crocs in the garden!

    I really don't wear them when I'm doing any real garden work. I need sturdier shoes to step down on the shovel. I just wear them to take my daily stroll and when I go on the deck to water everything.

    I think they are incredibly comfy. It feels soooooooo good when I get home from work and step into them.

    Thank you, for the warning. I will certainly take it seriously.


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