Sunday, July 2, 2006

Spray milk on mildew?

I am intrigued by a comment Jenn left regarding the mildew on my phlox:

"An easy solution to try on mildew is a bit of milk in water, spray on the leaves. I don't know the proportion, but I know you don't need much."

Has anybody ever tried this?

Would soured milk work?

I always buy a quart of milk every two weeks and two weeks later I throw away 98% of it. Unless I use milk for cooking/baking, it goes bad before I can use it all.

Is the trick to spray it on before the mildew hits? I am assuming that once the mildew is there, your out of luck.

Jenn, thanks so much for that tip. If anyone has tried it and can give more info, please do. I will google it a little later and see what I find out.

Last night it was a miserably humid 85 degrees (darned if I didn't forget how to make that degree sign already). Have you ever been in a banquet room on a night like that with 140 people and a failing air conditioning system?

I was the first person there and I knew the second I walked into the room that the air was not working correctly.

I can't tell you how many people said, " I thought you had air conditioning here."
One of the speakers even made some joke at the podium about everyone going to the front desk to get a bathing suit so they could jump into the pool and cool off.

Even after two glass of wine, I was not enjoying myself. The evening was quite miserable for me. I couldn't enjoy the meal because every table I looked at had someone fanning themselves or wiping sweat off their neck with the napkin, while whispering about the heat.

MY SIL took it in stride and said how wonderful everyone said the food was, etc. And they did. Many people said the same thing to me.

If only the AC system hadn't malfunctioned everything would have been lovely.

But it did and it wasn't. I will talk to the General Manager Monday and we will most certainly take a hefty chunk off their bill. We are very good about that. We know when the experience has not met the guest's expectation and though money can't change the outcome of the prior evening, it always helps to ease the pain.


  1. So sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the party after you said, you take it personally when something doesn't go right but who could have guessed the air conditioner would go on the blink! As for spraying milk on the mildew, I've never tried that before so I can't help you there...I'm sure you can find something about it through google:-)

  2. The milk on mildew idea intrigues me. I hope you will post more information about it if you find any.

  3. Does the hotel get the a/c system checked every season? I mean,it's such a necessity to have people happy, especially a large group like that. Sorry it wasn't better.
    Your canna is a beauty.

  4. I mean Calla! Think I would remember by now. : )

  5. Zoey I have heard you can use a milk and water mix to spray black spot on roses, so I am assuming that it would work for mildew as well. Use 1 part milk to 9 parts water, add a drop or two of dishwashing detergent and spray. You may need to repeat weekly and obviously after it rains or your water. Worth a try if nothing else. I hope it helps.

  6. I just don't understand how people can go through life consuming so little milk! My family of three drinks at least 3 gallons of milk each week! It's delicious and good for you and goes with any meal. Drink more milk!!
    **end of Wisconsinite lecture**

    Oh, and I have heard of using the milk mix on black spot and mildew but have never tried it. I might this year on my bee balm. It gets mildew every year.


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