Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This is the Time of the Year

When there is something new to find almost every day when I get home from work. Today I found this lily blooming in the rockwall garden.

I liked the way this campanula had poked through this lily, too.


  1. I am blown away by the clear colors in your photos!! It's very beautiful, Zoey!

  2. I've loved catching up on your posts Zoey. Wish I had more time to visit. Your lilies are spectacular....as are all the other flowers too! Yes, I've had my tetanus booster. Interesting article. Maybe you'd better go get that shot!
    The toad...hilarious :) The word varification....yikes!
    Answers to your questions: Yes, that's my garden behing Kylie and Ko...last July.
    We now have 7 kittens, last count :)
    Your photos are really wonderful.

  3. I love finding flowers blooming when you least expect it!! Last year my son Corey had bought me an Easter Lily and after it was done blooming, I planted it at the back of the house then forgot about it. I was so surprised to see it growing and it looks so healthy and is full of buds ready to bloom...will take a picture once it does open up!


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