Saturday, July 8, 2006

As many times as we have crossed the Mackinac Bridge

we have never stopped at this center.

Oh, the beautiful views we have missed!

It was an amateur photographer's delight!

DH and I had such a great day today playing tourist.

I took so many pictures of the fun things we did that I need 4 posts to tell you all about it.

So here goes................


  1. What lovely scenery!! Looks like you had a wonderful day:-)

  2. Love the photos Zoey - what a fabulous area to visit.

    As for your garden - magnificant.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. The scenery and views are lovely...

  4. A wonderful view and great photos!


  5. It's fun to play tourist in your own 'neighborhood'. There are so many cool things to see. And that exercise you got!

  6. Zoey, thanks for sharing this day with us. What beautiful photos of all the lovely sights you saw. Good grief..that rock is high! I should go there and climb those stairs...great exercise! that diner sounds like fun :)


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