Thursday, August 3, 2006

The International Bridge

spans the St. Mary's River between the United States and Canada. It is 2.8 miles long. I have developed a fear of this particular bridge.

This is a shot I took from the Soo Locks (zoomed).

I have been over it half a dozen times or so. Once I even drove over it. So it's quite strange that the last time I crossed, I was incredibly nervous. It seemed so high and so see-through. I just felt like it would be easy to fall off the thing... We considered going over it Tuesday, but I decided to just save that for another time when I felt a bit more adventurous....LOL.

So instead of crossing the International Bridge, we opted to do what the majority of Soo tourists do -- we walked around the touristy stores and stopped to buy fudge - YUM!


  1. Zoey,
    I agree with you 100% on this! Fudge beats a bridge anytime in my book!!!

  2. I've been to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario just once, and it was in winter time. I took a tourist train ride, which was kind of neat, but I think I would rather have fudge. ;-)

  3. Hey, welcome back, I'm sooo behind with reading everyone's posts!! Oh man, you are looking at Fudge addict here...I loveeeeeee my fudge!! No matter where I go, gotta buy me some fudge! lol I've been to the Soo, actually only live about 3 hours from there. The post I did about my Grandma, I mention St. Joseph Island which is right next to Sault Ste Marie!!


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