Sunday, July 23, 2006

Echinacea, et al.

The herb that grows like a weed for everyone but me. I can barely get it to survive.
There are no big patches of it in my garden, even though I have tried and tried. I get a plant here and there to throw up a bloom or two, but that's about it.

This website extols its medicinal virtues:
"The active constituents of Echinacea work together to help inhibit the influenza and cold viruses by increasing the body’s natural production of interferon and should be taken as a preventative during flu season. Once a cold is in progress, Echinacea can stimulate your immune system to help speed recovery. Sore throats, cough, and congestion all can enjoy quick relief with the use of Echinacea.

Echinacea is available in capsule form, in teas, and in a liquid extract. Gingivitis, canker sores, recurrent ear infections, and yeast infections can also benefit from the immune boosting properties of Echinacea.

I just think it's pretty and I wish I had masses of it.

Here's another plant I'm having problems with -- the ligularia (yellow right side).

I bought two of them last year. One of them threw up two tiny little leaves and struggled for survival. It lost it's battle last week. (At $16.50 per plant, I was not happy).

This one is about three feet tall (they should be about 6-7 feet tall with huge leaves), but at least it's living and blooming.

Oh, here's my latest daylily bloom

It's a peachy color. I don't know its name, but I sure do like the lilies with dark eyes.

I think I only have two daylilies left that have not bloomed. It's hard to believe the season is going by so fast.


  1. Zoey,
    I wonder if your soil is too rich for the Breeches and the Coneflower!!
    Look at the daylily right next to it!! Full of blooms! That indicates you have them in plenty of sun, but it might be that the soil is too good,(it's always something, isn't it??!!)
    I know those coneflowers thrive in the sandy, lean soil I have here...Do you have a neglected area in the sun somewhere??

  2. Sissy,
    I have a lot of neglected areas, just none in the sun. LOL. Sun is a sought after commodity in my gardens.
    Do coneflowers like poor soil? I didn't realize that.
    What are breeches? I've never heard of that one.

  3. Ah, Sissy, breeches must be another name for the ligularia?
    I just moved it to that spot about a month ago. I was not doing well where I had originally planted it, so I moved it (surprise, surprise). LOL. I'm always moving everything!
    It really does not get a lot of sun where it is because there is a big pine behind it. Does it need a lot of sun?

  4. I love this daylily Zoey...such beautiful soft colors. It's strange that your echinacea won't spread. I have to thin mine goes crazy. So do the gloriosa daisies. They're both from the same family, so maybe they just like what's in our soil. I add our nice rich compost to the soil and they both like it, so I doubt your soil is too rich. I know they like lots of sun though. Don't know anything about ligularia though, sorry.


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