Monday, July 10, 2006

Daylily 'True Grit'

A lovely cream-colored lily with a very distinctive wine eye.
I planted these in 1999, which I know immediately because of my newly-organized plant tags.

Update: Upon searching the net for 'True Grit', I have discovered that this lily appears to have been mislabeled. All of the 'True Grit' I have found look like this:

They are pink!

I did find one lady who had the same one I have, but everyone on the board told her it was most certainly NOT 'True Grit'. She must have purchased it at Kmart in 1999 like I did.

This is the Asiatic that started the whole organizing mania

and I still don't know what it is.
Does it look familiar to anyone?


  1. That looks like a Loreto Asiatic Lily...look on this web site That's the closes I could see that it looks like!

  2. I think your True Grit is actually Moonlit Masquerade.

  3. Pea,
    I looked there this morning, too and that is the same one I thought looked the closest! I even saved the pic and put it next to mine. I thought the colors were a bit different, but that may be the lighting.
    Isn't it odd we both found the same one? LOL.
    Thanks so much for your effort.

    that does look very close, doesn't it? I am not positive because of the slight wine color around the edges of the petals. I don't seem to have it on mine. I will have to go out and look more closely to see if perhaps some of the other flowers have wine around the edges.
    Thank you so much, also, for putting the effort forth to help me!

  4. Catherine,
    I now think you are correct. After going here
    I see that some of the pictures do not show any wine coloring around the petals.
    I am going to print it for my files. Thanks, again!

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about the names. I know people who can't tell a lily apart from a tulip. But, I understand if you want to.

  6. Zoey, the one you have is not 'Moonlit Masquerade', which has distinctive notches in the eye caused by the light-coloured midribs on the petals.

    I just bought a light yellow daylily with dark purple eye called 'Siloam Doodle Bug', but I'm sure there are many more out there as candidates.

  7. Karen,
    Thank you.
    I guess I will never know. I just hate it when plants are not labeled correctly.

  8. Soil/region also has some effect on the color.

    My mother gave me half of her clump of the daylily 'strawberry daquiri' last year. This year hers (in PA) is pink with a rasberry center and mine (in MI) is cream with a rasberry center. Same plant -- she split her clump.

    So it might be 'True Grit' after all...

  9. Kate, that's very I'm REALLY confused about this one!


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