Saturday, July 8, 2006

I Climbed the Rock

The BIG rock below

You climb a lot of stairs (170 of them)to get to the top

And let me tell you it's not all that easy to do if you are not in top shape and approaching senior citizen status. Here you see both DH and I taking a much needed rest after the first flight of about 90 stairs.

Once you get to the top you do get a nice view.

It was pretty windy up there today and for a moment I was a tad nervous and hung on to the flag pole for dear life

(O.K. so I'm exaggerating a little for the camera) :)


  1. I've been there... I was five. There is a picture of me and Paul there, out front. I don't remember climbing the stairs!

  2. OMG!! I don't think you'd get me that high up! lol I'm terrified of heights!!! What an awful lot of stairs...could you feel your legs after?? lol

  3. Jenn,
    I think you should go back now and try it again. I bet you will remember those stairs! LOL

    Pea, Our legs felt lead cement after the first set of stairs.

    We climb this about every five years just to see if we can still do it.

  4. Zoey! Are you hurting today??!!
    What a fabulous day you had and many thanks for sharing it!!

  5. Interesting that you should ask that, Sissy.
    I was just thinking how amazing it is that I am not hurting a bit today.
    I could go back and climb it again!
    I must not be as out of shape as I originally thought.


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