Friday, July 21, 2006

Could it Be?

This is what I planted in this pot in May (it also has calla bulbs already in it)

This is the bud on the dahlia about to bloom

Do you think it will be yellow with a red center?
It sure looks purple to me.
We shall soon find out, I guess.

This is the container and the dahlia is growing strangley straight as can be right up the back.
If the flowers turn out yellow/red as they are supposed to be, they should look very nice with the yellow callas that are already in bloom.

This container is a fine example of how I like containers to be - not static, but evolving throughout the summer. It has looked like this for a week or so with only the callas in bloom. Soon the dahlia will add more color and should continue blooming throughout the season. If all goes well, the canna will bloom in that wonderful spotted orange in August when the callas will be long gone, though their spotted foliage will remain. The only annual in this pot is the red coleus that I just stuck in a couple weeks ago because it matched the red in the canna leaves. I will get 3 or 4 totally different looks with just one planting. I think that is so much more interesting than just filling this with one flower. It also makes me more eager to care for them as I want to make sure they live so I can see the next stage.


  1. Zoey, your containers are absolutely beautiful. Could you share some of your secrets?

    How often do you water them? What fertilizer do you use, how much of it, and how often do you fertilize? What kind of soil do you use in your pots?

    Thank you!
    Julie in Ontario

  2. You are the container queen! Boy am I ever learning a lot.

  3. Beautiful, as always, Zoey!
    I have some very pale pink Calla Lillies that have been blooming recently. I remember only the big white ones when I was a child. My grandma had loads of them..


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