Saturday, July 29, 2006

Garden Junk

I bought this birdhouse at a garage sale for two dollars.

I hardly ever go to garage sales because I always come home with junk I have no room for. At least this stays outside. Maybe someday I will repaint it. It's a little too bright blue, but the red ties in with the red plant.

See that big sunflower on the left? Of 4 packages of different sunflower seeds, it's one of the few seeds that survived. I can't remember which sunflower it is, so it will be a surprise.

My hanging baskets are getting somewhat tired looking. Today I cut back the 'orange symphony' osteos in hopes that they will regain their former vigor.

The baskets look so different with no orange.


  1. I have sunflowers growing all over in my veggie garden...never need to plant them, the chipmunk plants the sunflower seeds for me every year! lol

  2. Those birdhouses down low would be a sore temptation for my cat if they had occupants!

  3. I have sunflowers grown from birdseed. I left a few sprouts to grow just to see how they'd look. They are not very pretty, so I do not recommend birdseed as a good source of sunflowers in the garden. ;-)

  4. Karen, I've done the same with the bird seed I have and you're correct, they are butt ugly!

    I went Pea's site today and she has a beauty posted. I don't know if the squirrel planted that one or not.

    Sue, I don't think any bird will use the house (unless they don't mind a cement floor) because there is no bottom on it. :)


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