Sunday, July 2, 2006

I'm Going to a 4th of July Party this Afternoon

and all I have to bring are the brownies.
It worked out great because I bought this huge box of Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate brownies when I was in Costco Tuesday. There are 6 regular size boxes in it and I used three for this half sheet pan.

Since I had such a quick and easy contribution, I had lots of time to putter around deadheading the plants on the deck

I gave them all a good clip and shake so I could make a big mess, thus giving me the opportunity to rev up my new toy

Actually it's not new.
I bought it for DH about 10 years ago, but it has been sitting in the basement unopened all this time.
I finally decided if he didn't want to use it, I would.
It's one of those gas-powered blower things and it works great!
I just rev that baby up and it blows all the deck debris right off...I can't believe that all this time I have been using a straw broom while I had this bit of modern technology just waiting to be opened.


  1. When you deadhead a petunia do you just pull out the dead bloom or go down the stalk to the leaves like I've read??
    Oh and I always make a to where I just carry a baggie with!!
    I get tired of dead heading is an everyday thang with my little container garden...I bet you just go crazy with it!!!

  2. Tammy, I snip the stalk right behind the bloom. Petunias are a real pain because they are so sticky. I like to use scissors because I have so many plants to do. This year I didn't plant any petunias because of the deadheading. I do love them, though.

  3. Thanx...I love petunia's but they are a pain!!!

  4. Geez, I'm a chocoholic and I was ready to lick my monitor when I saw them brownies!!!! I agree about petunias, they're a pain cuz you have to dead head them so often but I still like growing them...mine are growing like crazy right now! Zoey, isn't it funny how we can have some things sitting around for ages and then we discover a good use for them, like the blower? lol

  5. Hi, please - can I have some of the brownies??



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