Friday, July 21, 2006

Imagine my dismay

when this bloomed today.
UGH! I would never have knowingly planted that red daylily here.

All I can think of is that the deer had eaten the pink lilies so I did not know what color they were or I thought the red daylily was yellow.

No matter the reason, it is no longer there.

I dug it all out tonight and planted a pink daylily in its place. It has not yet bloomed, so I hope it is the pink one. I should never trust my memory!

This is a good example of why I prefer to move plants in full bloom!


  1. Both are pretty colors, but you have such a gift for grouping them in the most attractive way...
    I'm sure it will find a new home quickly!

  2. Do you remember the name of the pink lily? Both are very pretty but I love the pink one.

  3. Sorry, Pat. Don't know the name. My records show that I planted 'Vivaldi' someplace in that area, but it looks to be a deeper pink on the package. Of course, the pic often differs some from the real thing, so maybe.............can't be sure.


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