Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Sled Planter

I am still waiting for my sled planter to make me ohhh and ahhhh.
It's planted with calendulas, big marigolds, and blue salvia.
There is a morning glory vine in the front that came back from last year and I put some small dahlias in it, but I don't think they survived.
It's beginning to fill in nicely, but I need something to soften the angular sides.

I am tempted to dig out the scaevola 'Whirlwind Blue' from this planter.

I almost dug it out last night, but decided I liked it there.
I am pretty sure I won't have such self control when I get home work today.


  1. Hi Zoey, Your flowers are beautiful. I've been following you for about 3 years I found you before blog days lol. when you were just the rockwall border(or something like that) you gave me a lot of inspiration. Just wanted to thank you. Pat

  2. Happy 4th of July!!
    God Bless the USA!!

  3. Great sled planter I have so lazy the last two summers I have not done any planters.

  4. How about planting Baccopa to soften the edges of your sleigh planter? I like the way the baccopa spills out downwards from a planter...just a suggestion:-) I've never heard of "Whirlwind Blue" before...is that the tree like plant in the middle of your pot? It is so unusual!! Happy 4th of July!!

  5. Pat,
    I am so glad you finally said hello after 3 years! I feel so good that I have inspired you in your gardening. I hope you will keep visiting and please feel free to comment whenever you have something to say.

    There's still time to do one. :)
    For me the planters are the most fun.

    Hope you are both having a great holiday.

    Bacopa is a wonderful idea. I have it in at least 9 planters already. I like it so much in them that I don't want to dig it out. The 'whirlwind blue' is the small purplish-blue plant under the big hibiscus tree. I've already dug it out and will post some pics later.


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