Thursday, July 6, 2006


I think I am going to order 25 of these from Van Bourgondien.
I've always wanted some and now seems like the time.

ITEM # 14015

Originating from Tibet, one of the most colorful flowers and long-lasting as a cut flower. Thrive in well-drained sunny sites, blooming for 10-15 years without dividing. Outstanding cut flower with long vase life.
Top size roots. (I always thought these were bulbs, but I guess not.)

Zone: 4-8

Does anybody out there grow them?
What advice can you give me?


  1. Let me know if you need the coupon code for the lilies!!

  2. Sissy,
    What coupon code?
    Please tell me more about it.
    Is it just for online ordering?

  3. Zoey,
    I left a comment about the catalog I got, the same day you got the Brecks...It's the same deal, spend $50, get $25 off!!
    I don't think it's for online ordering only, but that's the only way I do order!!
    The promotion code:

    I got a ton of stuff!! I just moved, from Zone 8 to Zone 5. ugh. We are moving from a city lot to 2 acres.
    Needless to say, I am doing a lot of ordering!! (begging for starts doesn't hurt, either!!)

  4. can I leave you my email address thru this? Are you able to edit it off?

  5. I wasn't sure that was the deal you meant. I would love to get a $25 savings. I will have to check my order form again as I don't recall any place to put a promo code number.

    I will check out their online site today and see if I can use the number there.
    Thank you so much! That savings just about pays for the crocs!

    I believe I can delete any comment. I think the person who left a comment can also delete. If you see a garbage can below your comment, you click that and it will delete.

  6. Regarding the emerus...I ordered some last fall. They are STRANGE looking bulbs. They look like tarantulas! Of the six I planted, only three showed any top growth this spring and NONE are thriving or flowering.
    I've read that they need EXCELLENT drainage. In fact, the planting directions recommends planting the bulbs over a cone of sand. I have clay, and despite the sand layer, I do not think I am able to give them the drainage they need to be happy.
    I've noticed that Don, at Iowa Garden, has emerus that bloom. You may want to try emailing him

  7. Kasmira,
    thank you so much for that info. Maybe I will reconsider before plopping down nearly $50 of my hard-earned cash.
    I've also done a search on the Van B. company and I found some very unhappy customers.
    I am familiar with Don's site and may pop on over to see what he thinks of them.

  8. Zoey,
    Someone emailed me with the news that that company may not deliver as promised. Some very unfavorable reviews at
    I hope this warning is not too late!!
    I will letcha know how my order turns out!

  9. Sissy, thanks for the alert. I had already found some info on the net and decided to wait to order.

    I found out the company I ordered from before was not Van B.

    It was Van Engelen. I was happy with those orders. I will have to check the net to see what others think.

    I hope your order turns out OK.

    Thank you so much for coming back to let me know the negative info!


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