Thursday, July 13, 2006


These are "yawns". Plain, ordinary, uninspiring plants.

Most yawns have just one type of plant per container because most yawn containers are small.

Yawns must be grouped in masses to add interest.

In the case of yawn #2, all I had to do was add one mixed planting in a yellow watering can. It seemed to give this corner just the little "extra" it needed.

In contrast to the "yawns", here are two containers that I consider "stand alones". They do not need companions to give interest.

Even without flowers, I find them pleasurable to look at (although the one on the right does have 3 callas blooming).


  1. Zoey: Just wanted to say that your containers look wonderful. Do you know what kind of cannas those are in the second to last photo? The foliage is wonderful! How many can you cram into a 12 or 18" container?

  2. Hi Tracy,
    The cannas are 'Tropicanna'.
    I bought one plant 3 years ago and I just leave it in the container each winter. This year, I took out 2 small sections to put in my barrels. The container is large - one of those old farm galvanized tubs.

  3. Gosh, I always learn something new from you, everytime I read your posts:-) I had never heard of "yawn" before as a flower!! They sure are pretty and I love all the containers you have them in!

  4. Pea,
    "Yawn" is just my made up name for boring containers of flowers.

    It's not a real botanical term. :)

  5. Well, there's proof that bite didn't damage your eye!! You have a beautiful eye for color, Zoey!!

  6. Let me try again-even though you may classify these as 'yawns' I think they look good in their containers and in your arrangement.


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