Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Here's the King Coleus

that I decided to cram into the grill planter. Since the osteo isn't cooperating yet, the king will give me a little more interest.

Here's the $4 coleus/impatiens.

It sits below the grill planter where I have a number of coleus plants.

Here they all are

And here is the view from where I sit on the glider (I couldn't get Blogger to let me post it in the post above). See where the birdhouse is?
Directly across from where I sit.

Well, I think I have been sitting here posting long enough tonight. It sure takes a lot of time to dowload the pics, size them, and make a post, doesn't it?

Hope you all enjoyed your day as much as DH and I enjoyed ours.


  1. The plants you got on sale are gorgeous...I'll have to make my way down to Wal Mart this week and see what they have left in the gardening center.

  2. The flowers look great, and the deck is beautiful. Did you do that patchwork? Such an inviting scene.

  3. I love the bench with the colorful pillows! very inviting! very interesting container flowers too!


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