Tuesday, July 25, 2006

DH Has Been Convinced (Already!)

that we should add on another path. Last night he went and bought the last 12 pavers at Wally's World

I spent about an hour digging plants out of the new area.

the path will turn to the right at the tree.

It is so nice to be able to walk right in to the middle of this big border to deadhead, etc. I also get to experience this phlox close up. Before I could only look at it from about a six foot distance.

Now I walk right up to it, grab it, smell it.....I should have done this years ago.


  1. At first I thought they were big hamburgers on the barbecue! lol just kidding!! It will look so lovely once they're put in and you'll certainly love being able to get so close to your flowers!!

  2. I wish I could get mine to join me as much as your husband joins you!! Mine is convinced that once you plant something, you should leave it there---forever!!

  3. Uh oh, since you got the last 12 pavers you'd better not decide on any more paths or you will be out of luck. ;-)

  4. I also saw big hamburgers or bread first.

    Nice flowers!


  5. I thought you were baking rice cakes!

    I started putting stepping stones (discarded flat pieces of concrete) in the beds this year and it is great to have somewhere reliable to stand no matter how wet the garden is.

    I wonder how many times you've rearranged your deck pots in the time it took me to type this comment? Four, five...? ;-D

  6. Rice cakes? Hamburgers? LOL.

    Who wants to come over for a barbecue?

  7. I'll come for the barbeque - just wait till I put my teeth in, or perhaps I should leave them out by the look of what's on the menu ....LOL.

    The phlox is beautiful. I really want to grow more.

  8. I too thought they looked like burgers when I first saw the picture. Great idea putting in the path. Large borders are so much easier to tend too and enjoy when you can walk in them.

  9. I love the phlox. I want to do a back yard garden and have Phlox in it...I have creeping phlox in my front garden.



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