Saturday, July 15, 2006

How Hot is it Where You Are Today?

It is quite miserable here. It's in the low 90's which is about 20 degrees higher than I like. The weather channel says it's 80 and above all over the US today.
Tomorrow is predicted to be even worse.

We went to an outdoor craft show just before noon today. It was too hot to be enjoyable. I did not buy a thing. I was looking at some bird houses, but I wasn't really in the mood to shop.

We stopped at my Mom & Dad's before coming home.
This big beautiful wave petunia is my Mom's.


  1. I'm in central Ky. and its in the low 90's as well. They said Monday its going to be 96 I don't like this kind of weather either I'm a 70 degree kind of gal. Oh well what can ya do? Try to stay cool.Thank goodness for air conditioners.

  2. Well, in Southern Ontario we usually have pretty much the same weather as Michigan since we are pretty close as the crow flies. I wilted today.

  3. Very hot here today too - about 12ΒΊC (54ΒΊF) Same again tomorrow with more rain. Oh, BLISS!!!

  4. I love any kind of outdoor craft fairs but like you said, when it's too hot, I can't enjoy it either! It was very hot here too yesterday and after spending one hour outside repotting a couple of plants, I'd had enough! your mom's wave petunia is gorgeous!!!

  5. It's a scorcher for the rest of the week here. I have to go grocery shopping later-ugh.


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