Sunday, December 7, 2014

White Christmas Tree (My First Non Green Tree)

Thanksgiving is long gone...  My dinner went well...we ate turkey for 5 days and loved it! 

Now it's on to Christmas.

After Christmas last year I bought a white prelit tree to use with all of these felt pink/white ornaments that I made over two decades ago. 

I put the tree up a week ago and have been adding to it ever since.  I keep remembering more pink items that I have, so I go down to the basement and rummage around until I find what I remembered.

I really like the polka dot burlap that I also bought during the 50% off sales last year.

The only new ornaments I bought this year are some white owls.  You have to look closely to see them on the white tree.

Can you see all the little white and pink mice I stuck in the branches?  I love those guys.

 My Mom crocheted all of the white hearts and white hats (again hard to see on the white tree). I am amazed that they have stayed so white after all these years.

Those white lace hearts and pink flowers are from my wedding in 1989.
The tree is topped with an old world Santa -- in pink, of course. :)
I  used some extra ornaments to decorate some gifts under the tree.
I think I am finished tweaking, since I have filled nearly every branch tip available.  I am beginning to really like this tree!
I decided not to do my big 9.5 ft. tree that I usually do in the family room. It's just too much work to climb up/down the ladder to decorate it and then to take it all down. This little 6.5 ft. tree will be a snap to take down after Christmas.  Perhaps I will do the big one again next year.   
Is your holiday decorating done?
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