Thursday, July 13, 2006

See this?

It's the reason I am not going to work today.

Something bit me.

I don't know what or when. There is a lump on my eyebrow, so I am assuming that is where this THING bit me. I noticed the lump which hurt a bit on Monday night. It does not itch.

On Tuesday my eye was swelled a bit, but not enough to miss work or anything. I didn't think much more about it until I got up Wednesday morning and looked in the mirror.


Of course I did not go to work yesterday.

Today it's still swelled though not quite as much.

I wonder if that ugly toad put a curse on me. I had my eye right up to the window trying to get his picture. :)

8:00 a.m update:
It went down quite a lot since I got up at 5:00 a.m. so I decided to shower and go into work after all. I hate to miss work and burden my boss who has to pick up the slack when I am gone.


  1. yowsa. I swell up like that too sometimes and never get to know what got me.

    If you want any more days off, just let know and I'll come over and bite you. :-)

  2. Gosh, Zoey, you better watch that.
    Too close to your eye to fool around!

  3. Did you get that tetnus shot????

  4. ouch! Hope it feels better soon.

  5. Yuck! I hope you feel better soon...and i second the tetanus shot....

  6. Oh oh! That looks not good. I hope, it is better in some days.


  7. Sorry! Darn critters. Glad it got better. Ever try Benadryl?

  8. It looks like it hurts!

  9. Thanks everyone for your concern.
    It really doesn't hurt at all - just looks, how shall I say it....UG, UG, UGLY!

    I can hardly stand to open my blog and see it.

    I might have to delete the whole post to get rid of it. I can't believe that I would put something like that on here in the first place!

    Have I lost all my inhibitions?

  10. I once had a black fly bite me right on the eyelid...I looked like a boxer who had lost a few rounds the next day! lol It's good that the swelling is going down, or else I would have said go get it checkec out at the doctor if it gets any worse!!

  11. lol - zoey, if you've lost all your inhibitions you'd be showing a lot more than a swollen eyelid!

    HOpe you're getting back to normal. :-)

  12. Zoey,
    That looks so sore. Glad to hear it really isn't!

  13. Ouch! Zoey!

    Get better soonest! I guess it's good that it's not painful. Looks painful.

  14. Gee Zoey I hope it is getting better. Looks sore!

  15. Oh, I hope it's better now. That really did look bad.


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