Monday, March 31, 2014

Jewelry Wall Hanger

Last fall I showed you this metal bird cage wall card holder that I had purchased:
I found that cards looked messy, so I used mine in my kitchen to display my old red-handled kitchen utensil collection:
For the past few months, I have been thinking the metal bird cage would be perfect to hold my necklaces, but I liked it in the kitchen. 

So.............. I bought another one and hung it on a wall in my bedroom.

On Sunday I filled it with necklaces. 
 I used to have to paw through a bunch of necklaces in a big plastic container.  Now they are all in view and I just grab the one I want to wear.  Love, love, love this!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

In a Spring Mood, Even though it's still Winter Outside

I removed my winter sofa covers from the living room furniture and let the spring/summer flowers bloom!
I hung my denim wreath on the hutch door and put three green purses of pink calla lilies on the coffee table.

I found these purse vases at Big Lots a few weeks ago.

They were marked down to $3 each.  They really need more flowers, but I did not have enough callas.  I think they will be so cute filled with my garden flowers this summer--can't wait to try them with 3 big fat peonies in each vase.

While the inside is looking quite springy, the outside still looks like this:
It will be a long time before I have real flowers to fill those vases!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beautiful Banquet Table

Most of you know that I work in a hotel.  Tonight we are doing a big charity event. They auction off a decorated table that is served by some local "celebrities"--the mayor and other prominent business people. I have been at work most of the day today helping to get the room set for this event. They have a decorator do the special table. This decorator did not supply them with napkins, so I ran home and pulled some from own personal collection. This is the table they will auction off tonight, set with my own napkins:

The table is also set with wine glasses that have hand-painted animals (the event is for our local Humane Society).
So cute!
Wouldn't you love to have a prime rib dinner served at this table?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

What a Winter!

This is what Michigan looks like right now:

The Great Lakes have not been this frozen over in years!  I live on the Lake Huron side and often travel up toward Lake Superior. Both are about 90%+  frozen over this year.
Cold weather like we have been having calls for hot comfort food, like these turkey pot pies I made a few weeks ago:
I used purchased pie crusts for the bottom, pre-cooked the bottom crust until almost done, added my filling, made my own top crust,  then froze them. 
We recently enjoyed one for dinner with some of my own frozen chives decorating the top:
YUM! We can't wait to have it again! It's the perfect comfort food for our winter weather (one day was -20 actual temperature---brrrrrrrrrrrr).
A few weeks ago, I purchased this lovely necklace from my sister from another mother, Patti,  at Osage Bluff, MO. 
I was born not far from where Patti lives in Missouri.  We have jokingly called  ourselves "sisters" because we both love quilting and have many other things in common.  Patti recently retired and began making these lovely paper-pieced quilt charms.  I put mine on a chain and it's the perfect necklace for all the black/red outfits I wear to work.  Patti has a gazillion different charm patterns and colors, so if you like this necklace, head over to her blog to see what she still has left. She keeps replenishing her stock, so keep checking her blog. 
I have been super busy at work the past few months (hence, the lack of posts).  DH and I recently had to attend a Chamber of Commerce dinner (work-related... otherwise I would never have put in a 6:30 am to 9:30 pm work day!)  I like my job, but that's ridiculous!
We are the couple on your right side.  As is usually the case, I enjoyed the event once I got there (For the prior 24-hrs., I complained like crazy to J. about having to go). 
 In the end, I had a good time socializing with the people at our table.  There were over 500 people there and our table was the last one called to go to the buffet--talk about bad luck!
Spring is only a few weeks away!  I just ordered some of these double everblooming hardy geraniums from Brecks:
They are Birch Double, Summer Skies, and Southcombe Double. Do any of you grow any of these?  If you have any tips for me,  I would love for you to leave a comment!
I hope you all enjoy the last few days of winter!
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