Thursday, August 31, 2006

Remember the Coal Thing I Bought at the Farmer's Market?

Can you find it?

Yes, it became the perfect holder for that big begonia on the table. I love it!

The big canna (called Tropicana) has finally begun to bloom.

This particular view shows a lot of orange. I hope it's not too harsh for all those eyes that are used to light pink and light purple. :)

Here's a better (and less orange) view of the canna

The deck is looking very nice right now even though the large hanging plants refuse to rebloom. I swept off the scattered plant debris after work today and washed off the glass tables. Once I threw the quilts and pillows on, it was looking pretty good for the 1st of September. I should get another good month out of it.

It felt so nice sitting out there in the late afternoon sun. Now that the sun has set, it's pretty cool and I had to put a jacket on. I am going to check the weather channel to see if it's going to rain tonight. If it is, I will have to go out and bring them all back in.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last few hours of August.


  1. Your deck looks so inviting. We're in the 90's here, so no sweaters for us.
    Our hills are terribly dry, but we won't get rain for a month or so I'd guess...

  2. Cuuuute coal thing !!! looks great like that . What a find .

  3. Sue, is this your dry season? We had hardly any rain in July. I much prefer rainy days.

    Welcome one crabapple. Love that moniker! Are you crabby? LOL.

  4. What a colorful place to sit so cheery! I love the way you co-ordinated the cushions with the colors of the flowers! Well done! The white painted furniture so clean looking I love it all!A cottage feel for sure!(I visit Michigan frequenly have friends there and love the shopping at SOMMERSET!)

  5. I see the coal bucket on the table!
    Our tomatoes look like yours-lack of watering on our part. I do know how to grow veggies, but DH isn't willing to do as I request with the soil, so he gets little dried up tomatoes.
    And your deck looks so colorufl as stated above-beautiful!!!

  6. That second picture sure does have a lot of orange. (Ow, my eyes! Haha, just kidding.)

    Great photos. Great deck. So long as it stays dry, you will be able to enjoy it for a bit yet.

  7. I love your different colours together. I'd like to try Canna someday also.

  8. Naturegirl, you noticed that! I certainly did plan the colors to coordinate with the color of flowers I was going to plant. It was a fun winter project. It took WAY more time than I had planned, but that's OK. I am enjoying the quilts enough to justify the time spent.

    Hi Dianne, Mine were well watered. I think they may have liked a bit more sun. Who knows????

    Karen, I should have posted a warning to put the sunglasses on! I am really into the bright clashing colors the past few years.

    when I first started gardening, I did not like cannas at all. Now I just LOVE them. It's strange how our gardening tastes change. I find them very easy to grow in containers. When I first tried them, I planted them in the ground and in the shade and (of course) had no success at all. They do like sun and TONS of water. But give them a try, I think you will enjoy them...make sure to pick one with an interesting leaf because it take about 3 months before they bloom.

  9. Wonderful Autumn flower arrangements Zoey! I forget what fall flowers I`ve planted at the moment in my front garden, but there is hopefully a few because there`s lots that look like they`re still on the way to blooming.
    Can`t wait to get that darn back patio done so next year I can have some nice potted flowers on it.

    tea who is only looking at a few blogs this morning and then remembering to BALANCE lol


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