Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lots of Black-eyed Susans and phlox and not much else at the moment.

It was 45 degrees when I got up this morning. Brrrrrrrr...a little chilly out there.
DH is washing the house today. The outside siding - he does it every year with bleach and water.

Everything had to be pulled away from the house

That looks like a re-arranging opportunity if ever I've seen one!

Right now I have to go out and wash all those windows. (Bleach and water leaves all kinds of little spots on the windows)

Hope you're all having an equally enjoyable Saturday morning. :)

8:00 p.m. Garden Views

It won't be long and all the sedum Autumn Joy will be blooming.


  1. 45º brrrrr....I woke up to 60 this morning and it's really nice outdoors. Love the flowers, but they're one of my favorites the blackeye Susans.

    Your hubby will warm up washing the house...that's a big job, but I'm assuming he has a pressure washer, right?

  2. No pressure washer.
    He does not want one.
    He does it all by climbing up the ladder, washing by hand, climbing back down and hosing it off. It takes him about 4 hours.

    You're right he has certainly warmed up - the sweat is dripping from his brow!

    Just this morning I told him he should buy a pressure washer.

    Hey, who am I take away all his fun? LOL

  3. wow. Your gardens are so pretty. Mine start out looking good but by this time, I've been gone--here and there--and they start to just retire. I get lazy and wanting fall and just start to let them go. But, I wish I could keep them up like yours....but I never do. Sad but true!

  4. Love your gardens Zoey....How do you get the animation/cartoon to be in the title....(the hat?)I love that.



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